Antioxidant, Anti-aging Facial

This rejuvenating treatment, visibly brightens and tightens the skin with Vitamin C, soothing botanicals, power peptides and hyaluronic acid. It delivers vital hydration, visibly plumping the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for signs of ageing and rosacea prone, dehydrated and sun damaged skin.

$65 – 40 mins

Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy works to repair lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyper pigmentation, and uneven skin texture with results lasting as long as 18 months! A minimally invasive and non-ablative treatment, CIT results in significantly quicker collagen production compared to the more aggressive treatments.

$130 – 90 mins


Dermaplaning works to make your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. This treatment can remove deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin. It’s also used to remove “peach fuzz,” the short, soft hairs on your face.

$65 – 30 mins

Firming Neck and D`ecolletage Treatment

A clinical treatment to visibly correct pigmentation wrinkles and lax skin on the neck and d`ecolletage. It blends vitamin C and fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate, revealing radiant healthy looking skin.

$65 – 40 mins

Firming Transformation Facial

Revitalising and hydrating benefits of this treatment, visibly plump, smooth and firm appearance of stressed and dull skin. Gentle exfoliation will leave the skin with a luminous glow.

$65 – 40 mins

Illuminating Facial

Perfect for all skin types, this luxurious treatment diminishes the appearance of dark spots with the latest innovations in brightening and exfoliating technologies. Skin tone is instantly improved for a glowing radiant complexion.

$65 – 40 mins


A treatment to gently and effectively resurface the skin to leave a smoother clearer and more even appearance, it can improve the age spots, decongest skin, acne and scarring, sun damage and other skin conditions. Allows for easier absorption of nutrients and encourages collagen production.

$75 – 45 mins

Purifying Probiotic Facial

This comprehensive treatment with purifying benefits leave skin with optimal hydration, clarity and balance. The perfect option for environmentally challenged congested and oily prone skin.

$65 – 40 mins

Cosmetic Tattooing

Essential Combination

This combines Microblading and powder giving you fullness and feather effect.
Check for suitability for your skin type. 

$399 – 120 mins
$80 – 60 mins for 4-6 week touch up

Essential Eyes

Stand out from the rest! No more fussing with eyeliner and save time.

$350 – 120 mins
$80 – 60 mins
for 4-6 week touch up

Essential Lip blush

Make your lips stand out with essential blushing, full lip colour, with many to chose from. From soft to bold, a lip style to suit you, just gloss and go! A virtually pain free treatment

$450 – 120 mins
$90 – 60 mins for 4-6 week touch up.
(Patch test recommended prior to treatment included)

Essential Lip Liner.

Give your lips a more fuller appearance with essential lip line, with soft blending so you can gloss and go or fill in the blanks with your favourite colour. 

$250 – 120 mins
$80 – 60 mins
for 4-6 week touch up.
(Patch test recommended prior to treatment included)

Essential Microblading

For that soft natural feather effect, created with small fine lines to mimic hairs, giving you that natural look, great for filling out thinning brows x

$399 – 120 mins
$80 – 60 mins
for 4-6 week touch up
(not suitable for all skin types)

Essential Ombre

For a more soft look, we take the time to create your perfect soft brows, for your individual frame, from shape to colour.

$399 – 120 mins
$80 – 60 mins for 4-6 week touch up

Essential Powder

For a more bold statement, We create beautiful shaped brows everyone will be in awe of, giving you a natural fuller look, to suit the individual you. 

$399 – 120 mins
$80 – 60 mins for 4-6 week touch up

Essential Touch up

For those who have previously had their brows done and require a touch up.

From $150 – $250


Acne Lift

This powerful BHA treatment contains a high concentration of salicylic acid to rapidly treat acne and visibly smooth the skin’s appearance.

$75 – 60 mins

Lightening Lift

This comprehensive peel combines active botanical brighteners peptides and plant stem cell technology to create a dark spot fighting treatment for luminous even toned skin.

$75 – 60 mins

O2 Lift

This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin, leaving it luminous and rejuvenated.

$75 – 60 mins

Ormedic Lift

This balancing botanical peel utilises fruit enzymes for Gentle exfoliation along with polypeptides to revitalise dull skin and promote a youthful looking appearance.

$75 – 60 mins

Perfection Lift

A combination of salicylic acid, retinol and lactic acid make up this amazing peel. These strong ingredients combat wrinkles and lines that come with ageing not sparing acne, uneven pigmentation and blemishes.

$75 – 60 mins

Signature Face Lift

Our signature treatment gives all skin types a youthful boost. This brightening and hydrating peel delivers potent skin rejuvenation and noticeable results in just one session. It supports skin elasticity and tone for the look of firm youthful skin.

$75 – 60 mins

Wrinkle lift

This powerful peel harnesses the proven anti aging effects of retinol and glycolic acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines wrinkles dullness and other signs of ageing.

$75 – 60 mins

Specialty Treatments

Galvinc Add On

A gentle treatment in the fight against acne, killing the bacterial that causes, this treatment coupled with LED can speed up the healing of skin.

$40 – 15 mins

LED Light Treatment

A non invasive treatment that uses clinically proven light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime. Instantly boost complexion, vitality and glow. A treatment plan can be targeted for specific skin concerns. Calms redness, irritation, acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dermatitis, psoriasis to name a few. 

An amazing new solution to care for your skin.

See the before and after effects click here

$40 – 30 mins

Ultrasonic Treatment Add On

Aids in infusion of nutrients deep into the skin, great for  cellulite treatments, and plumping lax skin, a beautiful gentle treatment and can be added onto any facial or body treatment

$45 – 20 mins

Body Treatments

Back Detox Treatment

Cleanse and exfoliation followed by a detoxing mask, hot towels and preventative serums for a clearer complexion. 

(Add on galvanic or LED for a more enhanced treatment).

$70 – 45 mins

Back exfoliation

Find it hard to reach your back to give it a thorough clean then this is for you, especially with summer coming. Cleanse scrub and hot towel off and your good to go in your backless dress.

$25 – 15 mins

Detox & Hydrate wrap

A full body scrub followed by a beautiful hydrating wrap, enriched with seaweed and Spirulina your skin will feel deeply hydrated, ending with a massage to help the body detox.

$80 – 60 mins

Detox & Slimming wrap

A full body scrub followed by a firming body mask wrap to remove toxins, reduce puffiness and improve skin texture ending with a massage to help the body detox. 

(Add on ultrasonic for a more enhanced treatment)

$80 – 60 mins

Full Body Scrub

Choose from 10 different body scrubs. Coconut & Lavender, lime, guava,Mango, Vanilla & lemon myrtle, spa edition,Uplifting, coffee or charcoal & peppermint.

Revitalise & replenish your skin’s natural oils, aid in the prevention of breakouts & brighten your complexion, all while targeting stretch marks, cellulite and dry dull skin. 

$45 – 30 mins


We offer a full range of professional waxing services and ensure that low temperature waxes are used to thoroughly remove hair from the most sensitive skin under the most sanitary conditions.

Full Body Wax

$185 – 90 mins

Full Leg Wax

$45 – 30 mins

Full Arm Wax

$40 – 25 mins

Lip Wax

$15 – 15 mins

Brow & Lash Tint

$45 – 20 mins

Half Leg Wax

$35 – 20 mins

Half Arm Wax

$30 – 20 mins

Chin Wax

$15 – 15 mins

Eyebrow Wax

$15 – 10 mins

Male Brazillian & Glute Wax

$65 – 40 mins

Female Brazillian Wax

$45 – 30 mins

Lip, Chin, Brow Wax

$45 – 30 mins

Chest Wax

$40 – 20 mins

Back Wax

$40 – 20 mins 


Essential Aroma

Take your senses to another place, a blend made to your personal needs. Unwind and relax and take time for the essential you.

$70 – 60min

Essential Cupping

This is the king of massage, if you have never experienced myofascial cupping and nothing works, try this one. No you won’t leave looking like a twister board, cupping aids in flexibility, stretching, fluid movement, faster healing and deep muscle and tendon work. Amazing results.

$70 – 60min

Essential Hot Stone

To relieve tired aching muscles, aid relaxation and detoxification.

$70 – 60min

Essential MLD

Experience the ultimate in detox, this gentle massage aids in the total cleansing of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the frontline in our bodies health system, MLD helps flush pollutants and toxins to improve your immune system’s response, reduce excess fluid, some side effects may occur.

$70 – 60min

Essential Remedial

Essential Remedial, To really get into those problem areas, with a blend of deep tissue and other modalities like hot stones to relieve pain, muscle tension and overall well being.

$70 – 60min

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What They Say

I’ve never had anything waxed in my life…. today I had my legs and armpits done… amazing and professional service, Mandie made me feel very comfortable. 100% recommend. I will be back.”

Elizabeth Rose

“I am amazed how calm my skin feels after just one beautiful luxurious treatment, wow thankyou for making me feel so at ease.”

Cynthia Evans

“I have been going to Mandie for about 6 months, she is very professional and puts everything into her customer service, great results from massage, waxing and facials, everything done professionally, very private and great environment, makes you feel very comfortable, highly recommended for those on the shy side.”

Donna Hollis

“After 18months of pain and being left on crutches, wheelie Walker and in bed for a day or more, after 1 session I am walking almost pain free. I had a massage, facial and some kind of magic. Doctors and specialists have done nothing but prescribe medication, I have a new lease on life thankyou Mandie.”

Jane Burrows Kingdom

“Huge thanks to Mandie for the amazing work she did on my shoulder, I dislocated it and did a lot of ligament and tendon damage, with just a few treatments I had nearly full movement and no pain, had never had cupping before, I highly recommend it. 15/10”

Glenn Cruickshank

“I’ve never been to such and amazing massage therapist, Mandie knew where my pain was without me explaining. I had severe pain and she was able to release that. I will definately be using her as my regular therapist.”

Cass Willmet

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